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10 YEARS (part 1):

As some of you will have seen. 

I turned 30 this year, I also celebrated 10 years of business with AC:PT a couple of weeks ago too.

This got me thinking about 10 things I have learned in 30 years on this planet, as well as 10 years of business. I thought, why not log this down in a blog. See if people who read this can relate, or use it as a way to grow and develop themselves.

So, in two parts I am going to go through 10 things I have learned in 10 years...

Let's get started with part 1:

1:Be honest:

We have all told white lies. I have done it in the past and no matter how good our intentions for doing it are, we are transparent when we do.

I used to think of reasons why I would be late for work, why I double booked sessions etc.

The fact of the matter is this:

We are human beings, human beings make mistake's daily. Mistakes are incredibly important when it comes to progression and learning.

Just be honest about the mistakes you make. Apologies and be transparent.

I had this recently where I double booked a consultation due to not looking at my diary and trying to sort it fast.

I simply apologised, explained the situation and re booked. The person still signed up.

Be honest and open with anyone who means something to you. They will respect you for this, even if it annoys them.

2: Be yourself:

In the fitness industry, there is so much focus on what other people are doing. In life in general, there is a focus on how other people look, how popular people are etc etc.

Now, being inspired by people is fantastic. You should 100% take inspiration from those who you look up too.

However. Inspiration and imitation are two completely different things and this is where things get difficult. Having your own identity is so important both in business and in life.

How can you truly be happy if you aren't following your own path?

I would 1000% advise anyone, at any age who doesn't truly know who they are, what they want to spend some time away from technology, away from looking at others to truly discover who they are and be this person.

I truly believe you attract what you project in life and if you are yourself, you will naturally meet people, and opportunities that synchronise with what it is that you want to get out of life.

And that, is key to being happy. Truly happy.

3: Focus on yourself:

Continuing with the theme above, but this time I want to talk about how important it is to just do you.

Simply put: Keep both eyes placed fully on what you do, the services you provide, the clientele you work with and the friendships/family that you hold dear. Too many people in this world focus on what others are doing.

I know PT's who scour Instagram to check out what other PT's are doing, who they are working with, what they charge etc.

I'll be honest with you, I couldn't give a dam what the PT's charge at the gym I work at. I couldn't care less what online coaches charge.

I charge a price that I am confident reflects the service I provide. I deliver results, time and time again.

This is only because I spend all my time thinking about what I am doing, what can I do better? What works, what doesn't work. Who am I talking to when I write content?

Yes, be inspired by others but don't become immersed into their services or their lives.

Focus on what you do, and you will find that your business and your happiness improves.

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4: Forgive:

In life we fall out with people. It is inevitable that this will happen and, if you take point 2 into account you will never please everyone. There are billions of people on the planet, do you really think you can please them all?

Falling out with people is inevitable, but holding onto anger isn't. Nor is it healthy.

Forgive people and understand both sides to a story, grow apart and you will re discover each other if you are meant to.

Even if you have no intention of seeing people again, or no desire to engage with them forgive them in your own head and heart. Let go of the anger and then the next time you see them. You will be the better person. Both in terms of how you look to them, and how you feel in yourself.

Remember, forgiveness doesn't have to be hugs and make up kisses. You can still burn your bridges, just make sure you put the fire out on your side.

5: Be open minded:

In life, things change.

Popular training methods, popular clothing, new ways to "diet" and stay healthy are always popping up. A lot of people (myself included at one point) are so quick to instantly dismiss these as it means change. A word people don't historically like.

But, be open minded about anything new that pops into the limelight.

Yes, it might just be a fashion but, it could be something special that sticks around and if it is. You want to be the first person to be an expert on it.

So when something does come out, instead of rubbishing it instantly, read into it. Educate yourself on it. Does it align with your values?

If it doesn't, that's fine. Don't have a part in it but also, don't slag it off.

If it does alight with your values, you have grown and developed, becoming more valuable to the people who are involved in your life.

That covers the first five things I picked in this list. I hope you have enjoyed the blog, and look forward to seeing the next five in a weeks time.

Have a great day.