DAY 5:

In the final day of the journey we are going to advance the plyometric movements even more.

Taking them from double to single leg movements advances the stability element of plyometrics while also building single leg power.

The exercises are:

1: Single leg jump and stick: Similar to the hop over included yesterday, but on one leg. Pay attention to the knee movement on here as it move inwards or outwards, this is what we want to stop happening so film this and look at it as your progress with your training.

If it moves less, you are improving.

2: Single leg box jump: Building single leg jumping power. The single leg box jump is in incredible way to generate force through one leg. Just like we do when we pedal the bike.

3: Single leg lateral leap: This exercise is a great way to work on stability and power, transferring from leg to leg. Keep the knee stable and film yourself doing this.

Add these three exercises into your training to develop your power, stability and confidence on one leg. This will help you develop your stability on the bike and control over technical terrain.

Thank you for signing up to this journey. I hope it has been informational and entertaining.

As always, if any questions have been raised by this journey feel free to get in touch with me on the contact form below.

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