With the weather returning to the British spring time. I am sure some of you will be thinking about getting back on the bike, or at getting back out on some runs.

But, there is something blocking you. There is something that is holding you back.

I can completely understand why this happens as I have been there before, especially with the riding side of things. That is why I wanted to create this blog, giving you a few tips to get back out there and back in love with your sport.

Let's get into it: 

Why do we lose the love?

I don't think I know one person who prefers riding in the winter to the spring and summer.

The days are longer and you can get more done with your day. Which makes riding/running less time consuming and less of a drain of your valued time off.

It's harsh being outside during the winter months and I think we have all had moments where we fall out of love with it.

When we can't be bothered with all the cleaning up, the cold air hitting our lungs, wrapping up to get too warm.

Personally in the winter I try and focus on shorter rides, an hour and a half does me and I won't go still. Or I will go out running instead, less time outdoors for the same benefit to my fitness.

This year it took me ages to get properly back into riding my bike. And if I am honest I was confused as to why.

We all have our own personal thought's about this. So, let's go into how you can get over this feeling. And fall back in love:

1: Start later:

I love to get up and get my riding done. I will happily admit I don't like waiting around all day for a ride, but after a week of getting up early. I now find it a little bit more difficult getting up as early on a Sunday. So I started my rides half an hour later to see how I feel and it is 10x better for me. I feel more alert, more switched on and less rushed with getting everything ready.

Sure, if you are travelling then you may have to factor this in but then you have time to wake up anyway.

Try starting half an hour later to reduce the pressure you put yourself under when getting ready to ride on time.


2: Ride somewhere new:

Riding somewhere new can really invigorate your riding. Especially when we have had almost a year of lockdowns forcing us to stay in the same place. It is only natural to get bored.

Now things have lifted slightly you should go somewhere new, and do some different riding.

With trail centres across the UK opening up there is plenty of new riding for all abilities to dig their teeth into. Places that aren't so far from home.

3: Create a goal:

Nothing motivates you to get out riding or running than a goal. Something that you want to achieve. Now, it is natural here to think racing from the get go but you don't have to focus on that at all.

For me: I have enjoyed not racing for a year and if I am honest, I don't really feel the desire to go back either. I am far more motivated by my personal goals this year than racing ever made me.

My big goal this year is to complete a solstice ride from sunrise to sunset. This would be a huge achievement and something that I would love to do. I know people who want to ride 6000ft loops, as well as clients who have set their sights on the infamous Everest challenge.

You do not have to spend money on racing to create a goal that excites you.

So have a think create a goal and use that as motivation to get out doing your thing.

When it comes to falling back into love with your sport, the key thing here is finding that motivation. As I have said before, finding motivation is very individual and there is always one thing that works, while another doesn't.

I have tried to list three contrasting different ways to regain that  motivation in this blog and I hope some of it can help.

If you have your own ideas, I would love to hear them. Email me at accopley11@gmail.com and let's get talking!

Ride safe.


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