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Last night. I ordered pizza. 

Wood fired pizza from urban pizza in Sheffield (Yes, I am plugging them). It was amazing, truly just amazing.

But, I have struggled with pizza before, I can't sleep after having it. So, I haven't had a pizza in ages. Until recently.

I had a dominoes a while ago and slept fine, so I thought I had got over this and had this food yesterday.

Broken sleep, bad dreams, feeling hungover in the morning, and groggy..etc etc etc.

So it turns out. I can't eat wood fired doughy pizza still without feeling awful the next day.

I'm sure by now you are wondering, what is the point in all of this?

My point is. We all have things that make us start the door on a bad front, poor sleep, Monday blues, food hangovers etc. But just because the day doesn't start well, it doesn't mean it has to carry on that way!

So here are three ways to turn your day around:

1: Eat healthy and fresh in the morning:

This seems so obvious, but having some good food in the morning sets you up properly. My breakfast today was my usual natural yogurt, blueberries and honey. This felt fresh, cooling and tasted amazing. Having healthy food in me instantly woke me up.

Blueberries are full of goodness, yogurt is nice and light and the honey was a great source of natural sugar.

Having a positive, healthy protein rich breakfast can also wake up your brain, almost jump starting your day.

It should also be said here that hydration is so important here, getting good, fresh water into your system is key to waking up your body and making you feel better.

2: Do some light exercise:

Going for a quick 10 minute walk can also do the world of good for your day. Especially now its lighter earlier, and warming up (he says, hoping).

If you don't fancy being outside early, do a short yoga routine, there are plenty of resources online for that too so it is so easily accessible.

Stressing here: Light exercise, walking the dog or having a quick 10 minute stroll without your phone is more than enough exercise to wake you up and improve your day.


3: Have a cold shower:

I know people who love a cold shower, personally. I would rather replace my toilet roll with sandpaper, but research does show that it can help wake your body up.

The trick to it (apparently) is to slowly  lower the temperature so it is cold, stand in this for three minutes and then gradually warm it back up again.

Research suggests that it wakes up your body by increasing the blood flow and circulation. Research also shows that it can improve will power, release endorphins and apparently helps burn body fat (I personally don't read into that too deep).

But I do know a number of successful people who regularly have cold showers in the morning.

As I said, don't knock it before you try it but don't be afraid if it is not for you. It isn't for me, and I have many other ways of refreshing my body, two of them I have mentioned above.

I hope you enjoyed this little blog, and insight into my Sunday food.

I hope this has been helpful and interesting for you.

Have a great day.