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With the announcement made on Saturday, you would be completely forgiven for feeling in a negative way right now. But, let's focus on the positives here of which there are many:

This is a four week lockdown:

Think about how quickly the last lockdown flew by, that was four months. This is a four week lockdown so before you know it it will be over and done with. And I GENUINLEY believe that it will be for four weeks. Without going into the details of economics and politics.

So, let's get chatting about how you can use this four weeks effectively:

1: Spend time on yourself:

Spending time on yourself is something we all forget to do when we are busy with work, and responsible for the happiness of our families, peers, and friends. This is something I have suffered with as I haven't meditated as much as I did in lockdown and personally can't wait to get back into this. So take some time to think about yourself, and what you now have more time to be doing:

- Training.

- Reading.

- Relaxation.

- Walking.

- House work.

- Diet.

These are all things that we say we don't have time for.

Well, now you do. So find the thing that you have been laying off for a while, and get it done!


2: Spend time outside:

Yes, the weather isn't as nice as last time. But that doesn't mean you don't need to go outside.

Being outside is proven to benefit us mentally.

Not just that, you can also discover the areas of beauty around you once again.

Something we should all be grateful for.

Autumn colours, fresh crisp air and positive vibes.

3: Put time into your training and nutrition:

Now you have so much more time on your hands to focus and train, combined with knowing how you spiralled out of control last lockdown. You should want to do everything possible to avoid that so. 

Let's put some focus on your training and nutrition this time around. You have the time and resources available to you and keep in mind that this is only a 4 week period. 

When it comes to lockdown. It is very easy to get bogged down in the negatives. And I really ant to help you focus your energy towards being positive.

Trust me, as someone who is going to be drastically effected by this lockdown I know how hard it is to say this.

Working is everything to me, seeing people on a 1-1 basis means the world to me and feeling like my business is moving forwards is something that has a huge effect on my mental wellbeing.

But, there is nothing to suggest that things will be bad, no evidence that says the last lockdown was a negative experience on my life and as always. We can take what we learned from last time to help us going forwards.

I hope this blog has given you something positive to focus on moving forwards and please, if you feel like you need a chat, please. message me. 

I am here for you!