When it comes to life. Whatever aspect of your life it may be. Confidence is a key element to that aspect of life.

- Nailing job interviews.

- Walking into a new environment, like the gym.

- How you feel at parties and events.

- Speaking to new people.

- Performing at your sport.

All of these aspects are affected by how confident you are. Today's blog will focus on confidence, and how you can work to improve your confidence.

What is confidence?

Some people confuse confidence and arrogance. Whereas they couldn't be further apart.

To explain this. I want you to think of someone that you look up too. Someone who can walk into a room, introduce themselves to someone brand new and spark up a conversation.

Or, think of a sporting icon of yours. Someone who makes riding/running or whoever they are. Someone who just makes it look easy.

I was riding this weekend with a friend of mine who has raced at world cup level DH. And it was beautiful. Watching him ride the bike on descents, it looked effortless. smooth and VERY, VERY fast. In fact, following him down the runs we did, and having him follow me made my riding better. I hit jumps faster and higher than I would normally, and was much more confident hitting the gaps in the trail. This is part of the inspiration for this blog.

So, now we know what confidence is, let's look into how we can get some:

1: Exercise:

Starting off with one that may cause a stir. Many people say they don't feel confident enough to work out. However, when I mean exercise I mean anything. 

Walking, running, riding and the gym are all ways you can use exercise to gain confidence.

When you start seeing results. Feeling stronger, and fitter. And noticing changes to your body you will feel better and much more confident when it comes to all aspects of life.

Training for me is a way to build my confidence with talking to people as I have been around gyms for nearly 15 years now. And they always used to get me talking. As a member I would talk to other members, casual small talk. Getting to know the people who come to the gym at the same time as me.

This lead to my ability to talk to people as a coach, which is a regular part of my job.

Exercise also increases your confidence in improving your sport. Running more gives you confidence to run further, or push for a higher average pace. This can be the same with riding.

2: Coaching or training with people higher up than you:

When you spend time with people who have more experience, and more skill than you at your sport, or job. Then you will naturally develop more confidence just being around them.

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around" and "energy is infectious".

This means that if you spend time around people who are skilled, want to develop and have a passion for what they do then this will naturally soak into your system. So, be picky about the people who you spend your time around!


*Paul Birtle showing me style and flow yesterday

3: Self worth:

practising self worth is something that a lot of people ignore. Infact, I posted a poll recently that found 67% of people don't practise some form of self worth. Now, I am going to say this:

"Some people are happy being unhappy". I have had discussion's with people who claim to feel disgusting, that they look too heavy and weight too much.

But are unwilling to take any steps towards fixing it. While this can be easily interpreted as

lazy. Maybe their mind just isn't ready for that step yet?

Practising self worth comes in many forms:

- Reading.

- Walking.

- Writing down the good things about yourself.

- Gym training.

- Meditation and yoga.

- Writing down the things you are grateful for.

- Learning new things.

By doing these things you are filling your mind with positive experience's, and by showing your self that you do have some amazing qualities. Qualities that should be celebrated.

By taking these first steps towards practicing self worth you are filling your mind with confidence inspiring thoughts and creating very powerful positive emotions for yourself.

Try it, trust me!

When it comes to confidence. You could easily think some people naturally have more of it than you. But, that isn't the case. These people have more experience, a  higher skillset. 

And these two things are all things that can be earned.

They are also thing that bring about confidence, and are all things that are written above.

Which means, people who have more confidence probably practice on this.

So, I ask you: How will you work to improve your confidence this week?

I hope you have enjoyed the blog.