So We woke up to news today that gyms and non essential retail will open up again come December.....WOOOHOOOOO.

While many people will be over the moon at the prospect of going back to the gym, and I am one of them. I do think it is equally as important to learn from our experiences in life and take something from this last lockdown.

So, today's blog will be all about that.

Here is a reflection of the things I have learned to appreciate more, through this lockdown.

Hopefully it is something you can relate too.

1: A positive attitude is infectious:

Okay, so this is a lesson learned more from a combination of events this year. Rather than just the second lockdown.

I remember the week of lockdown 1, when I saw the news I would be forced to stay at home and not go to work.

I was livid, furious that I had only been given 2 days (what are usually my days off) to dramatically re structure my business and put the plans into place that I had created that very week. I had to email ALL clients at 18:00 on a Friday night and tell them about the changes that would be made.

This was very much a reactive response.

And to be honest. It was a bleak time for me mentally.

However. it was a learning experience.

Speed up to lockdown 2.o and once again, we are closed down. However I did get more notice and a chance to spend time with clients before we finished. I found my attitude changed dramatically.

I was coming off of the back of an amazing month for my business. With 5 new clients signed up that month. 4 of which made the switch to online coaching. Something that I was so grateful for especially with one having only signed up that Friday.

I would like to think that my attitude and outlook on life had inspired these people to carry on. I was much more positive. Focussed and determined to not let lockdown stop my personal goals.

This attitude transferred to my clients. And allowed me to be more positive with their coaching. 

Why? Because I was prepared, I understood that things could change. And, I was confident in what I did. Something that I spent a lot of time in lockdown 1 working on.

So have a plan, understand things may change. And be positive!!

2: Early mornings:

Before I talk about this one. I want to point out that I absolutely love my job. And I like being up early.

However I decided with this lockdown being only 4 weeks (I have always maintained that belief) that I would use the opportunity to have some time where I slow things down. 

Last lockdown I was religiously up at 05:30 every day. Out for a walk with the dog or myself and on my laptop by 06:30.

This wasn't necessary and just left me with twiddling thumbs later in the day.

I have appreciated the later start times this time around, enjoyed the crisp early morning walks with my dog at less of an ungodly hour and have taken the time to appreciate having a bit of a slower start to the day.

Jobs still get done. And work quality is still high.

Plus. I know when I go back to work in December that the early mornings will once again pop up until Christmas.

So, it's going to something I look back on and am happy I achieved!

3: Being outdoors:

I have always loved being outdoors. I will not deny that.

But, one of the best things about this lockdown for me has been the outdoor sessions that I have done with my clients.

It's been so much fun riding, running and walking with them.

I have loved every second of it.

While I will always love being outside. I have really grown to appreciate this over the last four months and am now looking at ways I can incorporate this into my business at the start of 2021. 

Again this is an example of how you can use lockdown to your advantage and as an opportunity to grow and develop.

When it comes to these lockdown periods, we all have our own experiences of how we have developed. And you will be no different!

If you have had an experience with lockdown that you want to share. Please share it with me as I love hearing the stories!

I hope you enjoyed the blog. And look forward to being back in the gym.


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