The body and minds relationship with food is such an interesting one. We all have our own tastes, likes, dislikes, allergies etc.

I really enjoy getting into the nitty grittty of someone's relationship with food and working with them as a team to educate them and develop their diet.

In today's blog I want to talk about the relationship with food and the food mentality.

before we start, what is food:

Food is an important aspect of our lives. From a fuel, emotional, social and health perspective. Food plays such a huge role in our lives that we cannot underestimate its importance.

Yes, without food we cannot perform properly. But we would also miss out on so many social occasions that are equally as important.

So we know how deeply routed food is within life in general, but what about your life?

Before you read any more I want you to write down what food means to you in the following terms:

- Emotional:

- Social:

- Fuel:

- Health:

Now you have done this. You can now begin to understand your relationship with food. There are no right or wrong answers here as these are your thoughts and feelings.

When you begin to understand your relationship  with your food it is much easier to make changes to your diet as you understand why you like to "over eat" too much.

For example:

You could go out for food once a week with your family, this could literally be the only time you are all together and you want to enjoy the experience without feeling like you are restricted.

This is absolutely fine, because you understand that is important to your life.

You might find you eat a lot when you are stressed, again. This is something you have now realised is down to stress and you are using it as a way to manage this stress. You have now established this and we can look at things like meditation, stretching and more productive ways to manage your stress levels so you don't turn to food.

Do you see now how understanding your relationship with food is so important to changing how we eat? and make changes we feel we need to make.

I hope this blog has helped you in some way. And if it has raised questions feel free to get in touch with me via social media or email:

Social media: @acopleypt.


Stay safe, stay happy.


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