Once again we find ourselves in a scenario of anxiety, negative emotions and worry. We know this isn't a healthy place to be, but we can't seem to help ourselves think of the worst case scenario.

There are a number of coping mechanisms that we can utilise to help with this, but what are they?

In this blog I want to talk about coping mechanism's and self help techniques to help you understand that there are so many positive situations that exist in a negative scenario.

So, let's get into it:

What are coping mechanism's?

Coping mechanism's are the names given to techniques that help us manage our emotions, they help us take a step back and see life from a more positive outlook.

Coping mechanism's are incredibly powerful, and they can pull you out of dark times and in some cases even prevent you from being in dark times. But, in order to get the best out of them they must be practiced on a regular basis.

They are also only as important as your views on your own mental health. If you don't value your mental health as important (news flash: you should) then you won't have any value on coping mechanisms. This blog aims to change that and I urge you to look deep into your mental health.

With that being said let's go over three coping mechanism's that can help you maintain your mental state:

1: Write down the positives and negatives:

This is a great one, not just for positives and negatives but also for any decision you have to make.

First of all, write down the negative scenario you are faced with, then the positives and negatives of that situation.

Let me give you an example of this:


I wanted to buy a campervan and achieve my year long goal of getting one. At the last minute the bank decided to knock back the finance and the dream was shut down.


I couldn't buy a van that I wanted.


I got to spend the morning with a friend of mine I haven't seen in a while.

He brought his son, who had a great time looking around the van.

I will save money in the long run.

It inspired me to come up with a back up plan and re align my goals.

It gave me ideas and got my imagination going on ways forwards.

I met someone knew who has been very helpful since then.

When you write these things down, life doesn't seem so bad. You will often find the positives far outweigh the negatives in these situations and you can move on with your day. That's method 1.

2: Go for a walk:

If you have the time, leave your phone at home and go for a walk. You can use this time to be with your thought's and get all the negative things out of your mind. Walking without your phones gets you away from social media. It get's you away from looking at the news, it eliminates all the negative sh&t that goes on and you can just be with yourself.

During times like these it becomes so much more easier to understand gratitude and being grateful for the things in your life. And the opportunities that come your way. This is something that I feel like everyone should do, and something that we should MAKE TIME for in our lives. Half an hour, that's all you need.


After the disappointment of my van Saturday I walked my dog, without my phone. Seeing him just enjoying being out, not a care in his world because he was out walking with his family was amazing.

I am so lucky to have someone with such character in my life and really, why do I need to drool over material things when I am lucky to have this in my life.

3: Journal:

Journaling is something that a lot of people do.

It is essentially a recap of the positive things that happened in your day, and a summary of how your feeling. You should do this every day and focus on the positive things that happened in that day. 

No matter how bad your day goes something good happens in it. And your mind will focus on these if you train it to.

Here is an example of the kind of things I ask myself in my journal:

How do you feel today?

How much energy do you have today?

What positive things happened today?

What have you done to ensure you develop?

Journaling is so powerful and takes a bit of discipline to make sure you get it done, never miss a day! 

It can make the difference between ending the day on a high, or a low!

I hope you have enjoyed these three coping mechanism's

As always if you have a method you find helps you feel free to email me and tell me at

I love hearing your stories and what makes you tick!

Have a great day.


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