Welcome to this weeks blog entry. In this blog I am going to explain the benefits to you on being properly hydrated. Looking at how it doesn't just benefit your performance. But your day to day functions too. 

I want to talk about this because you would be surprised at the amount of people I have worked with that don’t drink enough water. With all the health benefits involved and how easy it Is it truly staggers me. People will say work gets in the way, or they just forget but in my eyes, there is no excuse for not being hydrated.

This is especially the case for sports like cycling and running where we put our bodies through long periods of stress (exercise) and also when we sweat out a lot of water and salt. So with that being said. Let’s look into three benefits of being hydrated:

1: Better brain function:

The brain is 73% water, and like any other part of your body needs feeding. If you stay de hydrated then your brain will not be functioning at its best. Meaning the quality of your thoughts will drop, your ability to judge, and make decision such as: Is that car going to pull out, is it safe to power through this junction etc. This is especially the case for morning rides, especially if you are riding off road when your decision making needs to be paramount. Drinking water in the morning can also expel all the toxins in your body as urinating is one of three ways we do that. So, you will be flushing out all the old, toxin filled water in your body with fresh water. Meaning your body and mind will feel fresh, alert and ready to make the split-second decisions involved with any form of riding bicycles.

Also: 8 hours (sleep time) is a long time to go without water, especially when we can sweat at night. So, imagine how dehydrated you will be upon waking.

Drink water as soon as you wake up. I promise you will feel better.

2: Better performance:

Drinking water can have serious benefits to your performance. Aside from the obvious feelings of needing to constantly drink when your dehydrated. Being properly hydrated will improve the quality of your movement, help regulate your temperature, lubricate your joints. Especially important when you think about how repetitive the movement of cycling is. It can also, as mentioned above, help you make better decisions. Drinking water little and often during a ride helps top up the water levels you lose via sweating but being properly hydrated before a ride has all these benefits. Ever started a ride feeling sluggish, or not quite on the ball for the first 45 minutes?

A lot of people do this thinking that it’s just their body warming up, but it can 90% of the time be put down to pure hydration.

Drink at least 1500ml of water before a ride and you will feel so much better. No toxins, fresh water, fully hydrated and less hungry. Winning!


3: Better health:

Aside from increasing your performance levels, there are numerous health

benefits to drinking water on the regular. From vanity-based reasons like improved skin condition to

genuine, health related benefits. Let us list a few of them, and how they make you feel different below:

Better skin = More self-confidence (and better-looking legs on the bike 😉)

Improved concentration levels = Better work rate.

Prevents dry mouth = Makes you feel healthier and more awake.

Keeps your body cool = You feel more comfortable.

All of the above results in a better day overall as your work is better, you feel better and are more

responsive and energetic. Meaning you will end (or start) your working day feeling more fulfilled and

more motivated to get out and ride the bike.


There you go. Three ways drinking water has huge benefits. I hope you found this

blog useful and as always. Feel free to comment and get in touch with content ideas and questions

you want answered.

Stay safe. Stay outdoors.



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