This weekend I spent my time off work on a course. I wasn't really in the mood for it on Saturday as I was pretty tired and ready for a rest. But, I wanted the qualification and it was a necessary thing to do for me to be able to advance my business and develop my brand.

So, I sucked it up and cracked on.

Turns out. I had an absolutely awesome weekend, met some incredible people and got to know more about the industry I love, and built up my contacts list of people not only to potentially work with, but also to ride with socially too.

This got me thinking about why I got up and cracked on. Why I stuck to the plan I had.

And that is because I value my education, and my development.

This inspired me to create this blog as I want to talk about the importance of your values, and why this is a make or brake for your mindset.

So, let's get into it:

What are values?

Values are described as "principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life".

Essentially, values are belief's that effect your behaviour and lifestyle.

For example, I value education. So I listen to podcasts instead of music while I drive, and dedicate time to reading books.

I value professionalism. So I design my business to reflect this and operate to professional standards.

So, value's are things that you believe in that affect your day to day.


Why are these important?

Your values have a huge effect on everything you do. Just imagine being a graphic designer without valuing attention to detail. Or a personal trainer without valuing health.

You wouldn't be very good at your job.

At this point I should also mention that values just don't have to be work based.

You could be at the gym, putting in the hours on the treadmill or the exercise bike but if you don't really value your cardio vascular fitness then what is the point?

You probably don't enjoy it, and you probably won't stick at it.

Essentially here, what you value has a monumental impact on everything in your life.

So, I want to ask you two questions:

1: What do you value in your life?

2: Do your current daily actions align with these values?

Write the answers to these questions down and have a deep think. Do these align?

If they do, that is fantastic. I would imagine you are very inspired and sure about what you want to achieve. I would also imagine that you are well on your way to achieving the goals you have set out.

If not, don't worry. There is nothing with that. Instead it is just an opportunity to re programme your mind and your daily actions so that you can have that same feeling of inspiration.

So If you have written those answers down, and they don't align what do you do?

You re think. And re assess your values. Are these values still what you hold true?

If so, perfect. If not, then re write your values based on your current belief's. Remember your values can, and will change.

Re write y our values and then you can look into your daily actions, what are you doing that reflects this?

As an example:

I value my bike related fitness. So I dedicate time towards this. I won't ride with certain people as I know they will slow me down and won't let me train. 

These are the kind of actions you need to take if you want to make sure that your values and the daily actions are met.

And this, is how you develop towards the things in you life you want to achieve. Whether this is from a fitness, business or health based value point of view.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog.

Have a great day.