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Continuing from where I left off a couple of weeks ago, this blog will look into the final 5 lessons I have learned from 10 years of business. Let's get into it (again):

1: Education:

If you want to progress, education is vital. Whether that is education on how you develop your career. Education on self love techniques, or advancing your own fitness. Education is key.

Hiring a coach can be vital towards continuing your development in business and fitness as well as attending external courses after your have qualified or gained the knowledge to do what you love.

I have lost count of how much time and money I have spend on courses and learning materials over the years. Ranging from books on business, to courses on fat loss, strength and conditioning, qualifications to coach mountain biking, qualifications and courses in business. And most recently hiring a business coach to keep me accountable and educate me.

Learn, apply your knowledge to what you do and grow.

2: Celebrate the success of others:

There is a phrase in life of "it's lonely at the top". This is a load of b&llocks. It most definitely is not lonely at the top if you celebrate the achievements of your peers and genuinely love seeing them do well.

Positive energy is infectious and being happy to see others achieve is key when it comes to developing yourself.

Yes, you will lose people along your journey to the top as not everyone aligns with you as you progress. But you will keep the ones who count and meet new people along the way.

You will notice all of these have one thing in common: They love the success of others. Being around successful people feeds your ambition and drive. It allows you to bounce ideas off each other and enjoy being a part of a group of people who are climbing the mountain together.

Love the success of others, and you too will grow.

3: Schedule your time:

Make your time count. And don't be afraid to pass things off that don't align with your goals and values.

When I started doing this job I would make myself available 24/7..It's something that grew into a habit and I still to this day struggle to be disciplined regarding my opening hours.

Scheduling your time not only helps you stay focused, it also helps you prioritise the things in your day/life that mean something to you.

You will find yourself turning down meaningless pursuits because their importance isn't their for you to see.

You will find you have more time to do what you love as your daily actions are allowing for that.

You will go through each day with purpose and fulfilment at the end of it when you sit back and think of all you have achieved, ticking off job after job thinking "wow..That was such a productive day"!

Schedule your time, and be disciplined.


4: Don't kiss arse:

I love this one. The fitness industry can be full of self entitled c&^k wombles who think because they have a fair few followers on social media that they can slate others and post content to inflate their ego. They act like they are some sort of A list celebrity and that you must spend more time pumping up their ego than you should do working on yourself.

The world is full of them, people who get you to do the crap jobs while you are an apprentice where you are supposed to learn.

I spent some time working at a premier league football club while I was studying at university. I emailed the coach numerous times begging to be let in, and finally this happened. I wanted to learn, develop and get first hand experience at professional strength and conditioning at the top level. Did I get this?

No, I spent most of my time away from the first team making tea. This wasn't a learning experience for me, it was a way for the coaches to get someone to do the crap elements of their job for a week.

B&llocks to that! I am all for staying in your lane and working your way up, but not being taken advantage of. I sacked it off. Put the hours into studying and working in the University S&C gym instead (I was in charge of overseeing training sessions, designing plans and eventually manning the facility). Ultimately coming out with a qualification in S&C and being told by a coach who I deeply respected that he "saw me as one of the best guys there"

That's what learning and developing is about.

Don't feel like you have to kiss arse to get somewhere, be assertive and know your worth!

5: Try everything:

One of the best things about being new, or starting something is that you are always learning.

You also have more time on your hands than when you begin to specialise later down the line.

So try everything you can.

Fitness classes, outdoor training, cycling, climbing, walking, weight lifting, football, rugby, kayaking. These are just a small portion of the forms of exercise I have done over the course of my life.

Try new things, learn what you love and be open minded about it.

You will learn so much doing this than following your closed path because you think you will not enjoy it.

If you don't, lesson learned. Move on and find something else, if you do enjoy it. Well done. You have just found a new hobby and world to immerse yourself in. You can learn about new things within this world and built your knowledge base and your backstory.

The more things you try, the more you have an ability to share experiences with other people and the more relatable you become. 

Try new things.

I hope you enjoyed this blog article, and took something from it.

If you want to get in touch with me about your lessons in life I would love to hear from you!

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