Lockdowns are crap, let's not beat around the bush.

There isn't a person in the UK who isn't missing out on something. Be that the feeling of self love as you have your hair re styled, the social element to the gym and being around a collective of people who all want to develop and change how they feel about themselves.

For me, it's a physical place of work.

I miss having a physical place of work more than anything. As much as I love the job I have, and enjoy the sense of responsibility of people putting their trust in me to help them progress and develop.

Waking up to do online calls isn't particularly inspiring to me. It's not where I want my business to be full time but it is the way I have to run it at the minute and you can be dam sure I am going to make the most of it.

But what if you can't see the positive side to this? If  you are struggling, then this blog is for you. 

Because I am telling you now, you can either change how you feel. Or live with it.

And let's be honest, if you feel crap one week in. This lockdown is going to last a while and you do not want to feel like this the whole way through.

This blog contains information that will help you change how you feel, and get you back on the right path to feeling good.

So, let's get into it:

1. Accept it, and plan around it:

No, you are not in an ideal position right now to achieve your goals.

If you want to race this year, it feels like it may not happen.

If you like being around a group of people, that may not be the case for a while.

However, we take the world for granted and there are ways you can simulate this environment. 

Yes, I know that they are not the same but it's all about making the best out of a bad situation right now and that is what I want you to do.

Struggling with a lack of races?

If you have a zwift account you can attend virtual races on there, making turbo training much more fun if there is a competitive edge. You can also set strava routes with friends who live local and see if they can smash your time. 

It's all about having that fun competitive edge to training and seeing who can push themselves when the chips are down.

Struggling with a lack of social time?

Being in a gym is a great social experience, you also have a team of people wanting to achieve amazing things making it much more motivational.

That doesn't mean you can't hold each other to account however. Look at the people who you talk to at the gym and reach out to them. FInd an accountability partner or set up a whatsapp/facebook group where you can let each other know how you are all getting on.

Zoom calls (yes I know) are great for getting large numbers together and sharing wins. 

We are so lucky this has happened in 2020/2021 and not 10 years ago.

Remember that!

2: Be open minded:

So here, I am going to be honest with you and say it how it is.

You are going to have to try new things, new methods and ways to occupy your time.

Can't go to the gym? Are you going to spend 2 or more months complaining about that or are you going to find something else to occupy your time?

There are countless resources available both online, or via physical books to use that will give you guidance with training even when you have minimal kit.

Use your imagination, do you have a set of stairs in the house? Do 20 squats on every step you have and tell me you don't feel your legs.

To you have a wall that over hangs? You have a pull up bar.

Have you got a carpet? You have a yoga mat.

This is the same with riding and running too, if you can't drive to the place you would usually ride or run then get creative. Do some hill sprints locally, do some slow speed skill work in your garden or a local car park.

There are ways around your feelings of boredom, and stagnation. But I am going to tell you now you will have to be open minded if you are going to discover them.

If your imagination is a little rusty, don't let this stop you either, talk to a coach and get some ideas. Seek help from the people who can provide it.

If your breaks broke on your car and you didn't know how to fix them, what would you do?

Have an open mind and try new things.

3. Become re inspired:

Inspiration to try something new, or to exercise/work can be tough right now. I don't wake up everyday with fire in my belly either.

As I write this I feel pretty uninspired by being sat at a desk on my laptop all day and I'll be honest. Getting out of bed wasn't easy either (I was awake for an hour before getting up).

But you have to seek out ways to re discover your inspiration. 

Take the time to go for a walk, talk to someone who you have respect for who can help or listen to that podcast that always gives you a boot right where you need it.

You have to become re inspired by your life from time to time, this is normal. I currently need to get back to being inspired to fit the campervan out as I had to use a large chunk of money I had saved up due to adult life.

So, I went back to visualisation. Imagining opening up those doors and seeing the van all finished lit me up again and got me back on it.

It is natural to become more or less inspired by changes in our life. 

But it isn't natural for us to want to stay there.

So, if you are feeling like this. Follow the tips in the blog, take what I have said into account and re light that fire!!

Struggling?                     to email me and chat about your goals, and how we can re light that fire!

I hope you enjoyed the article.


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