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In life. There are always things we say "I wish I could do that". Always opportunities or risks we want to take. But just can't seem to push that one extra step. Due to fear of embarrassment, failure, pain or any other barrier that may be in your  mind.

In this log we are going to talk about the mental barriers in our life. In sport, business and weight loss and look at how we break through them.

Let's do this:


Mountain biking is an adrenaline sport, and when adrenaline runs high it is only natural that we want to push our bodies and bikes to the limit. Whether that is through jumps, drops or steeper, more technical terrain or pushing your body to the limit and seeing just how much it can take before it needs a rest.

Whether you are into completing huge physical feats, or putting yourself in danger there is the potential to have a mental block in your way.

For me, this happened yesterday as I have been focusing on fitness a lot recently. I have neglected skill. Couple that with getting used to a new bike I have been off my A game with jumps and drops, and steep stuff. The things I used to ride week in week out seemed mentally impossible. I headed to a new session spot with one aim. To get my speed and confidence back.

I started with a negative, It was cold, my dropper was playing up and I wanted to go home. Luckily I have friends who understand me and they gave me a talking too.

I followed them in, started on something small and worked my way back up. Ended the day feeling myself on the bike again and got my speed back.

So, Lesson one: Always keep a support network alongside you. As sometimes, you can't break through these barriers on your own.

You can also break these barriers by reflecting on your experience, thing about the things you have achieved in the past. You have the skillset, the knowledge of how your body needs to move. Or how hard you need to push yourself. You know what works for you and what doesn't.

What were you doing differently when you were at your strongest?

Draw on this experience, and reflect on your achievements and you will begin to realise that these feelings aren't new, they aren't strange. They are normal. And the break out of them is achievable.

It just takes a little risk, and a deep breath.


Life goals:

We all have that one thing we want so much to achieve, that thing that gives us butterflies when we close our eyes and think about it.

Mental barriers are so common when we dream big. And there is the first sign that it is okay.

We place these barriers in our minds for security, because there is a risk to the things we want to achieve and part of us want's to stay safe.

Financially or physically.

The first key to dealing with mental barriers is to realise they exist for a reason, and that is because we feel a strong connection to our goals, and the potential risk and reward.

Being passionate about your life is never a bad thing. So these feelings are a good thing.

That doesn't mean they shouldn't be broken through however.

And how are you going to do that?

Let me give you an example:

A couple of years ago. I was in such a bad place emotionally where I worked I wanted out. I was at rock bottom in terms of job satisfaction, and self esteem and I felt like I would never escape.

Out of curiosity I decided to just enquire about moving somewhere else. I did this, checked with my clients, some decided to move with me, some didn't.

I checked in with the members of the new gym and discovered some people would be open to training with me there too.

I knew an ex colleague there who sang the places praises and my partner at the time saw this as a way for me to re discover the love of my job.

I decided to make the move, gave my notice at my current place of work and then decided that at the start of 2020 I would re locate  my business.

I created all my marketing to match this then, at the last minute. After announcing the move to my clients, potential new ones and my workplace. The other facility decided not to let me move.

While this angered me beyond belief: It taught me one, very, very important lesson. And gave me one solid vision for the future:

I was not going back to how things were. I was determined of that.

As I had already had my  notice accepted at my place of work, I decided to take the plunge and use the money I had saved up to cover my gym rent for three months to give me a chance at getting more clients and growing my business and made the decision to not ask for my job back, but to pay rent to the gym and just base myself there.

Fast forward one year, one pandemic and here I am.

Incredibly happy with the growth of my business, completing the goals I have set for myself and in a really good mental space.

So, what happened?

First of all. I realised that things couldn't really get any worse than they were.

I wasn't happy with my life and needed a way out. So the desire to be happy took over financial importance, and this meant the risk financially was worth it.

Secondly. I was forced out of a new place of work. And had to find a new source of happiness. But, I was given a preview of how it felt to be free of something that had been a plague on my mental state for a while. Seeing this made me never want to go back.

Thirdly. I had to knuckle down and get on with it. Adding £300 a month to my outgoings was going to require serious work. So self development became a priority. I was determined to make this work and dedicated so much time to making sure this was a success.

Were there metal barriers here?

Sure, I 100% wish I had made the move to just paying rent sooner. But I didn't see it as I was in my comfort zone. Sure, I hated it but I was getting paid and I was in my comfort zone financially.

So I didn't feel it was worth it to move. Until I got so miserable, so frustrated. When I look back, this was terrible for my mental wellbeing.

What did I do?

I took the risk. But I did this with preparation.

I had three months rent covered, I was prepared to dig in deep and up my game.

Revising my professional systems, reading into self development, always listening to podcasts.

Essentially I surrounded myself with people and content that made me confident, educated me and boosted my positive feelings about life, business and fitness.

This lead to me finding my niche, sticking to that and eventually setting myself some personal goals that I am working towards achieving from a physical and mental side of my life.

What am I getting at?

Take the risk, make the jump.

Be kind to those who support you along the way and listen to people who have done it before.

There is always something about our lives we wish we could change.

But we have barriers in our heads.

If this is you my advice would be:

Listen to the people in your life who support you.

Educate yourself from people who have achieved what you want to achieve.

Be prepared to fail, in a positive way. Failures are lessons, we learn and grow from failure.

Reflect on past experience, and use that knowledge to push forwards.

And above all: Embrace the journey, understand that it may not always go the way you envision it. But enjoy it, and relish the challenge.

I hope you have enjoyed todays blog.