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Making mistakes is something that happens to everyone, every day. Large or small the mistakes we make define us. Not by making us embarrassed or look silly. But by giving us an opportunity to learn and grow. In today’s article my aim is to change your perspective on mistakes and allow you to begin embracing them.


Mistakes are inevitable, from little things like putting odd socks on, to the bigger things like choosing the wrong relationship, or leaving a job and regretting it. These mistakes are all things that define our lives and shape our future. Getting frustrated at your mistakes is also inevitable but it is also something that we really should work on avoiding, or at least lessening from our lives.

Why? This can get us bogged down. As an example, I had a pretty silly crash at the weekend, where I ended up fully submerged and freezing cold. I could have let this ruin my ride, wanted to go home and spat the dummy out. However, the reality was I was 15 miles from home, either way I was riding home. I could either do it grumpy, and slowly and still be freezing cold. Or I could laugh it off, enjoy the fact that I was out with my friends and had a laugh with the fall and ride quicker to get warm faster.

The latter option was what I did, and it kept the ride a positive.

When you start to look at mistakes as an opportunity, they give us a huge change to learn.

Looking back at the odd sock scenario. On the face of it this is a small mistake. But when you see it as an opportunity to grow, I would say this.

Why did you put odd socks on? Were you in a rush? Could you perhaps give yourself more time in the morning to be less rushed? This would lead to you feeling less stressed and you would have a more positive outcome on the rest of your day.


So, let’s make this more individual. When was the last time you made a small mistake, or a big one and what did you learn from it?

And the next time you do make a mistake that affects you how are you going to use it as an opportunity to develop?

Assess why you made that mistake, what caused it? Establishing this allows you to gain a deeper insight into your life and you can then create a plan that will make sure the chances of the same mistake happening again decrease.

You may have seen my Instagram video where I talk about messing my food up on Tuesday, ultimately ruining my training ride.

Now, as someone who does not cope with poor performance well this could have easily destroyed my day. But I looked into the situation. Realised I do not eat enough in the mornings and immediately when to the shop for some more foods to eat in the morning, upping my protein and carb intake made me feel 10x better and yesterday (Wednesday) I put in a serious effort on the WATTBIKE.

I acknowledged the mistake was my fault.

I established what the mistake was.

I created a plan.

I acted upon it.


So, my challenge to you is to do the same. The next time you make a mistake acknowledge it, assess it and act upon it!

I hope you have enjoyed this article.

Have a great day.