With everything that has happened this year (2020), you would be forgiven for feeling down. We have all had tough times this year, and the world has become a very weird place.

But it doesn't have to be doom and gloom.

This year has presented us with a massive opportunity, let me list a few below:

- We have had time to re think ourselves, to re shape our mindset.

- We have had more time with our family, to think about what truly is important to us.

- We have had more time to re educate ourselves about our lives, and training.

I for one have come out of lockdown with a CRYSTAL CLEAR vision of where I want to be next year, and in five years time.

I would say 2020 has been an amazing year for me to re think how my life has been and re engage with positive energy.

And I want you to feel the same.

I disagree with people who say 2020 is awful, we still have some months of it left.

And I genuinely believe that if you focus on positive things. Then you will come out of it happy, and excited for the new year.

I want to talk to you about avoiding negativity today, from three fronts. The news, social media and people. So, let's get into it!


Whether it is false, or true information (this blog isn't about deciding that) the news is one of the most negative things we subject ourselves too. I haven't watched it for YEARS, because it is perfect at ruining your day, and ruining your night.

Whether it is COVID, BREXIT or anything else that happens to be happening where are the good stories?


I like to spend time on you tube, watching videos that teach me new things:

I am currently looking at converting my new van into a camper so I watch programmes on you tube that show ideas other people have had. I also look into nutrition for my sport and training tips.

Things that interest me, and excite me.

This makes me excited for the next day as I can work on myself and building my business into something that will help me achieve my goals.

Make your TV time positive. Avoid the news.


I could go on for days about this. But I will not. 

Many of you are probably here because of social media. And I do genuinely believe that social media does incredible things. 

I have met some amazing people through social media and have stayed in touch with people who I may not have done had it not existed.

But, there is an issue with social media and that is this: You cannot control what it want's you to see. Which means your only a scroll away from negativity, fake news and arguments.

Only today I turned facebook on to write a post and the first thing I see was a message in a group (that I am not even in) that was full of anger, resentment and true keyboard warrior'ism's and I thought. 

That's a nice thing to see as soon as I wake up.

To be honest, for me it just confirmed what I know, but to some people that could really ruin their day.

So with social media:

Understand the importance of it but schedule the time you use is. Use your phones app limiters, don't be afraid to unfollow, block or unfriend people on there (half of them you don't know anyway) and think about what you do on it.

- Do you need to accept that friend request?

- Will you gain anything from being in this group?

- Is there really any point in engaging in an argument with Karen?


Use it for the good reasons, and control the negatives.


Yes, people. 

Have a think about the type of people you spend your time around.

Are they energised? do they complain constantly about their job? Do they have any ambition to change any of these things?

If being around colleagues makes you miserable, and you don't enjoy being there. Take yourself somewhere else. Read a book on your break, listen to a podcast, eat separately.

Being around negative people will drag you down. 

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with"

Nothing can be more true than this phrase. So surround yourself with people who are happy.

People who have a direction in life, people who want to progress and grow.

Remember: It is fine to not be happy with where you are in life, as long as you are doing something to change it!

Would I like to be busier with PT clients? YES, am I complaining about the fact I am not as busy as I could be?


I am writing blogs, spending time helping people, writing emails and doing what needs to be done.

I spend my days around a team of positive people who want their own businesses to grow, or the gym they run to grow.

We chat business, progression and what we have achieved and it is amazing!

So have a think about the people you see and what you do.

Does it make you happy?

If not, I am afraid it is time to move on.

Guys, I really hope you enjoyed this blog. I hope it resonated with you and I hope you took something from it that you can put into your day to increase the positive energy you take in.

Life is about being one thing: HAPPY.

Now go make it happen!

Have a great day.


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