When it comes to starting a new chapter in life, there is always a sense of excitement, people love the new year for that very reason.

It gives them something to be excited about, a new beginning. A chance to change something about themselves that they are not happy with.

While a lot of people mock the "new year new me" crowd. I embrace it. I think it's amazing that people are excited about change. And as people who love being outdoors, we are no strangers to change.

Changes in weather, trail conditions, new gear and new bikes. Change is all around us whether we like the change or not. 

On the subject of change, and new beginnings I want to talk to you today about your riding, or your running and ask yourself how are you going to push yourself this year?

Do you want to cover more miles per run/ride.

Do you want to develop your skill on the bike.

Maybe you want hills to become something you embrace rather than fear?

There is always some way to change and revive the love of something we do. And this is something that became apparent to me this weekend.

I love my fitness, I love riding to stay fit and get fitter. I also love seeing my friends and riding with them.

Over the last month or so I have become increasingly frustrated with riding, the stop and start nature of my Sunday rides with my friends.

My fitness has developed recently and I can keep moving where others cannot.

But this is something new to me, I used to love being out with my mates on Sunday morning and it never bothered me.

I began looking into why, and discovered that it was actually the opposite of what I initially thought.

I used to ride 3x a week, 2 fitness rides and one slower paced ride on a Sunday where I would just enjoy being with my friends. This changed and I stuck running into my routine in place of one ride. I would treat this as a recovery run and wouldn't really hammer it.

I did this because I thought I was burning out and bored of riding. But this is not the case.

What I have actually done is lessened the amount of time I spend on my riding fitness. Something I value so much that now when I do go out on slower rides I struggle to enjoy them, so for my new year new me I am going back to 3x a week, two fitness rides in the week and 1x slower ride on a Sunday where I can have a laugh and enjoy the sport I love.

This is my story, this is my change. And I want to know now, what are you going to do differently this year to make sure you enjoy your riding more?

I would love to know, and if you want to share with me then                 and share your goals with me!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and that it has inspired you to re discover your love of something.

have a great day.

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