Here are a collection of results that I have achieved with my clients. If you enjoy these stories and want to dive deeper into the coaching experience. Fill in the contact form to enrol on my free 5 day programme:



Working with Rachel has been absolutely amazing. Rachel first came to me to help her improve her running by losing weight and conditioning her body for the demands of the sport. 

We got to work on both of these things and with some manipulation of her food/alcohol intake, we dropped the weight.

In the gym, we built up her impact resistance and muscular strength.

Rachel went on to complete the London, Brighton and Paris marathon before attempting and completing a 100km coastal ultra-marathon (pictured).

It was a pleasure working with Rachel and a journey I am very happy to have been a part of.

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Andrew initially came to me wanting to drop body fat over an extended period of time. He wanted to stay fit and energised for mountain biking while dropping weight. Andrew consistently lost weight through training plans I had written for him and clever manipulations of his diet. He tried some 1-1 PT with another coach and came back as the diet was too extreme and something that he didn't want to achieve. 

It is great to work with someone who sets themselves targets and realistic goals while being honest about how he wants his diet to be.

Andrew was an absolute pleasure to work with and it's fantastic to say I helped him achieve this awesome result.



Janine has worked with me on a long term basis for a number of years. From overcoming vertigo and getting back on the podium. To training around running her own business and working as a mindset coach.

To now, just enjoying being able to ride bikes and stay fit.

We have done everything from pre season preparation to managing injury.

She is an amazing person to work with and truly dedicated to her sport.

Working as a team we have successfully achieved a number of top 3 race finishes in enduro, and made her a faster climber and fitter all round rider.

She loves a challenge, and always gives it 100%


Where do we start here? I took Sarah on as a personal training client shortly before she decided to enter a figure competition (pictured). This is a rare challenge for me but I agreed to it and what a journey!


Competing and severe dieting is a tough process on the body and the mind and it's fair to say we had a few phone calls, feeling more like an agony aunt than a coach at times but it's all part of the fun. After Sarah completed competing we shifted the focus to staying motivated post-competition and getting the diet to a point she could maintain a feminine look she was happy with. This can be found on the TRANSFORMATIONS page on my site. Sarah was brilliant to work with and gave everything during her prep. 



One of the most overused phrases in the fitness industry is "he would run through brick walls if I asked him too"

Well in toms case this is true. Tom was a client who truly loved training, learning and developing his knowledge.

He was genuinely interested in the whole process and the pictures show just that. Hard work, putting all his energy into his sessions and never once straying off of his diet. Nailed it!