In sport, and life in general. We put ourselves under a lot of pressure to perform. 

we give ourselves goals that can be unattainable because we look at the outcome. Not the process.

This is something I am guilty of, and I 100% relate to anyone who puts themselves under pressure as it is something I do a lot.

In business and in sport.

That is why I can also relate to the 85% rule, and when I discovered it and what it means I immediately related to it.

So I want you to read into todays blog with an open mind, discover what it is and decide whether or not it is something you feel too:

What is the 85% rule?

The 85% rule basically suggests that athletes (or business people) perform better when they are told (or tell themselves) to perform at 85% as they are more relaxed and flow through the day with less pressure.

Pressure brings anxiety, stress and panic (at times).

Relaxation can lead to flow, creativity and performance increases.

Think about this for a second:

Do you ride faster when you are on a chilled one with your mates? or do you ride faster when you know there is something at stake and you want to do well.

Can you run further when you are with a friend, or do you run better against the clock?

Are you faster when you know you have plenty of space on the decent behind you. Or when you can hear someone chasing you down?

If you are the former, then the 85% rule may apply to you.

I for one put myself under a lot of pressure and realised that whatever jobs I set during the day I usually have more than enough time to do them. So why stress?

Why create jobs for the sake of them? 

Is it healthy for you to live in this stressed state?

Personally for me. I don't think it is.

I work better when I am more relaxed and my creative energy flows more when I am relaxed. 

Meaning the quality dramatically increases when I keep this rule in mind.

If this is something that you also feel I would love to hear from you about that!

Email me at:

I hope you have enjoyed this little blog, I wanted to keep it short and sweet today.

If you can relate, or have any suggestions I would love to hear from you.


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