When starting any journey. Whether it is business, health, mindset, outdoors, indoors. Whatever it may be. It is always important to put measures in place that allow you to analyse whether or not you are improving on this. In today’s article I want to talk about measuring your progress and go into detail about why you should be doing this.

Let’s get started:

You probably would not be surprised to hear that I have seen my fair share of people struggle to achieve their goals. You probably would not be surprised to hear me also say that I have not achieved everything I have set out to achieve. That is fine, these are lessons in life, and we learn from them.

But I can hand on heart say that every time I have achieved a goal. I have put some measure in place to make sure that I do achieve this:

Dieting for a photo shoot- Tracking calories daily.

Getting faster on the bike- Weighing myself weekly and checking my performance stats on certain loops.

Increasing revenue in business- Creating an action plan where I evaluate my progress at the end of each week.

Helping clients achieve their goals- Creating a weekly goal and needs sheet so I know exactly what my clients are struggling with.

Performance tracking is vital when it comes to making sure you achieve what you set out too as it plays several vital roles in the goal hunting journey.

Firstly: It provides you with that magic A word of accountability. When you set yourself a goal and you write this down, tracking your progress is you holding yourself accountable to making the change you have stated you want to make. Monthly weigh and measures, monthly fitness tests on the bike. Both ways that you hold yourself accountable.

Tracking your progress is also vital when it comes to staying motivated: If you want to lose weight, or get in better shape for the bike and you know you could lose a few pounds, but you are not taking note of what you are eating then how do you expect to make a change?

For me, writing down what I eat motivates me to stay in control of what I am eating. Just like testing myself on my average speed every month and conducting FTP tests makes me motivated to push my body harder on my training rides. Knowing I have tests coming up and am accountable to my coach makes me desperate to improve and motivates me to put in the work required.


What about when you start seeing results?

One of the most dangerous times you can have on any kind of journey is when people start to notice you are making gains. You get that rewarding feeling and you start to feel like the job is done.

Here is the thing: If you haven’t achieved what you wrote down in your book or told your coach then your job is far from complete. So, by all means, enjoy the rewarding feeling of how well you have done. And be proud of yourself for achieving this. But get back to tracking, set a new benchmark and move on.

My average speed on my XC bike is currently the goal I set myself at 10mph. Am I happy with that? Sure, but I want a hell of a lot more! Now my benchmark on my fitness tests is 12mph and I will not stop until that is reached. How?

I set new measures of tracking progress. I look back at what I have achieved, and I remember how good it felt. I want that feeling again. So, I set myself new targets, new goals.

So, my message to you. If you have achieved something recently. Give yourself a pat on the back for the weekend. On Monday I want new goals from you. I want you to email me and tell me what you will improve going forwards. Not what you want to improve, what you will improve!

You have my support all the way so let’s get to work. And let’s build some new goals, set some new measures of tracking your progress and set the bar higher!

Have a great weekend.