Being outside is something truly special.

There is a good chance you also feel that way, with you being here.

But why?

What is the science behind the positive effect on being outdoors on the mind?

Let's have a look into the truths behind being outdoors and why it is scientifically proven to spend time outdoors:


As I write this, the radio is on, pots are being put away (which is an absolute bug bear when I am trying to write content) and I can hear noise. While I accept noise is part of life. It really grates on me after a while.

Being outdoors gives us an element of peace to our lives, whether it's the beautiful silence of the local woodland, the birds tweeting away or the empty space of the peak district. There is always an element of peace in the outdoors.

Clearing the mind of negative influence and external noises and letting us reflect on our thoughts, and plans for our life.

You just can't beat being outdoors to do this!


Similar to what is written above, being outside helps to sharpen the focus and increase working productivity. Studies have actually shows that offices with scenic views can actually increase productivity and concentration.

Studies have also shown that spending times in teams outdoors, completing team building weekends for example. Can increase the minds ability to creativity solve problems and increase concentration.

Not only that but: 

An English study published in 2019 found that the same holds true for children with attention deficits. Spending twenty minutes walking in a nearby park was sufficient enough to elevate attention performance in children with ADHD. This so-called “dose of nature” could prove to be a more natural solution to attention deficits in children.


This is especially relevant in our world of laptops, mobile phones, video games and super HD television! Being outdoors and soaking in the natural beauty of our world can, unsurprisingly increase our eye health.

Giving our overworked eyes much needed rest. 

Again relating this back to children:

A study following Australian school children linked time spent outside and better vision. Of the 2,000 children followed during the study, those who spent more time playing outside significantly reduced their risk of becoming near-sighted. This suggests that outdoor activity has a protective effect on the eyes of children.

These results are striking because the same was not observed in children who spent time playing indoor sports. Being outside in fresh air and sunlight protects growing eyes more than equal physical activity indoors.

This is only the same for adults, with our eye's taking a regular beating (especially when many people have had an increase in screen time due to the COVID situation). 

Being outside is a chance for our eyes to re set, and recover from the day to day. Much like our mind!

There have been many times I have gone out for a ride after feeling like my eyes are drained to feel incredible after 10 minutes pedalling. No screen time, just nature and its own surroundings.

Remember: Our eyes weren't designed for HD tv's, so they can't naturally absorb it.


You are what you breath!

How many of you cycle into town on a commute, or ride into a town after a ride in the country?

If you run in and out of a town centre you will notice the same thing.

The taste of the air changes. It feels dirty and has a taste to it.

The quality of the oxygen is significantly better in the country and open spaces than the air in cities and on heavily driven roads.

Getting outside and breathing in this fresh air can work wonders for our body.

So get outside, take a breath and just breath it in.


Being outside has played a huge part of people's social lives during this pandemic. It has been the only way people have been allowed to see each other for a long time. And I am sure it will now be integrated into more peoples lives than before. This is fantastic news!

Being outdoors gives those who wish to social distance more space, it gives you talking points as thigs happen, birds fly past. Animals do funny things and it allows the minds thoughts to flow so things come into your head. You can't do that during the hustle and bustle of busy restaurants, or pubs and bars. So being outdoors can drastically increase the quality of social interaction too.

And there you go!

5 reasons why being outdoors on the regular is an amazing thing. I hope some of these things resonated with you, And that you too share the love of the outdoors.

Remember when you do travel outdoors show it some love, take your litter home and leave the BBQ's on the garden. 

Enjoy being outdoors and respect the local area.


Stay safe, stay outdoors.


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