When life gives you lemons:

We all have those moments where motivation is knocked, and we feel like there is no point. After snapping the frame of my bike yesterday, I am currently in that frame of mind.

However, this is so damaging for your mindset and your physical health and I do not want this to happen.

So this blog is going to be about re focusing your energy into positive thoughts:

What is the problem?

First of all, it doesn't matter how big or small the issue seems, it doesn't matter what people think to the issue when you tell them. What matters here is how it means to you. 

Some people don't understand why to me, snapping my frame and not being able to ride is important.

But then when you factor in that the bike for me is time away from work, time to think about business, time to be with my mates and have some lad time. It is how I work on my fitness and my release from the stresses of life. Not to mention that it is directly linked to my business. All of a sudden the bike is pretty damm important to me.

And, the same could be said for whatever is getting to you. It might not seem a big deal to friends and family but to you. It could be huge.

So essentially, don't let people rubbish what you are affected by, people like to see their own problems as important but have very little understanding of other peoples nowadays.

Now that you have accepted that your problem is important, let's proceed to how we solve it:

One of the first things I like to do when I am faced with a negative situation is take a step back. I am a firm believer in being positive and one of my favourite quotes is this:

"there is only ever one problem, There are always multiple solutions". 

When you take a step back, write down your problem you can see it physically in front of you. nice you have done this you can then write down the positive's and negatives of that situation. Of which there are always some. No matter how negative the situation is.

For example:

I was bullied at school, most of the way through my secondary school life. This made me insecure, worried about going outdoors and very reclusive.

However. it also inspired me to go to the gym and begin working on my physique. This then opened the doors to meeting some amazing people, shaping my career to this day and even inspiring me to try new things and got me back on the bike. 

If I wasn't bullied at school I probably wouldn't have joined a gym, and that spark that ignited the passion I have for health and fitness would have never happened.

So write down the problem. 

Then let's write down how this makes you feel and ultimately come up with a solution to the problem.

Again, my cracked frame is an example:


Cracked MTB frame resulting in me not having a bike.

How this makes me feel: Scared of losing my fitness, upset I won't be able to ride with mates, or by myself for who knows how long.


Potentially very costly to replace.

Decline in my mental wellbeing.

Two very big negatives there. And two things that I have actually worked incredibly hard this year to become in control of. Both with my anxiety around money, and with my mental wellbeing becoming increasingly more important and relevant to me this year.

So once we have broke these down, we can look at the positives of the situation. As there are always some!


Potentially getting a new bike.

Being able to focus more time and energy on the van.

Being able to run, and train still.

Having a breather from riding and time to recover from my injuries properly.

Focusing on work and developing my business.

Learning from the experience and being able to relate more to clients who are suffering with similar issues.

Once you have done this it is a lot easier to see the potential solutions to the issue you have, breaking things down makes things so much easier to sort out as the problem is no longer looming over you and scaring you. You can see the positive's to it, and once you can see the positives. You can work out the solution.

I hope this blog has helped you, and shown you ways to make lemonade out of the lemons life throws at us.

And if all else fails. It will be 2021 soon ;)

Have a great day.

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