When it comes to life, there are two types of people. 

Those who like to plan out their life, and those who go through it ad hoc. While I am not saying that you have to have a plan to be successful at life. I am sure many casual people go through life and achieve amazing things.

Having a plan is a vital part of training, nutrition and achieving goals.

Personally I wouldn't be anywhere without having a plan of action for any part of my life. And due to this, it is how I coach people.

If you don't agree with that, that is absolutely fine. There are plenty of other coaches out there. 

But, if you do want to see how having a plan is something you should take the time to implement into your life. This blog is for you:

1: Organisation:

As a business owner. I have many roles within my job, here are a few varied roles I have to play:

- Personal trainer.

- Marketing manager.

- Content creator.

- Outreach staff.

To name a few. There is no way I would find the time to achieve all of these roles on a weekly basis if I wasn't organised with a daily plan.

Every night I write down the job's that need doing the following day. Yes, some days are set. And I can remember what I need to do, but would I skip things if they weren't written down? Possibly.

There is also the fact that if I didn't have a plan for my day I would feel out of control, and like I am not achieving anything. So, this is also something to consider.

Have a plan for each and every day. I promise you won't regret this.

2: Knowing you have all bases covered:

When it comes to training, you only have a limited amount of time per week to cover all bases. Going into a week of training without a plan in place is a sure fire way to make sure you miss out something important. If you have a plan for your training week you know every muscle is covered, every weakness is worked on and every strength is bolstered.

You know those people you see that just wander round the gym, never get any faster at running or cycling, despite claiming they want too. Those people don't have a plan of action, there is nothing holding them to account when it comes to tracking their improvement.

Don't be that guy, have a plan of action, set yourself regular goals and achieve them!

3: Sense of achievement:

Having a plan allows you to see what you have achieved that day. You know what tasks you completed, how much more weight you lifted, how further you cycled.

And, more importantly. How much more close you are to achieving your goal.

If you don't have a plan of action then you won't be able to tick off your achievements, this means you won't get that sense of achievement where you can see how you are moving closer to achieving your goal.

Ticking off my tasks, and wiping down my whiteboard for the day gives me an unbelievable sense of achievement and I genuinely feel like my day has ended when I have wiped off all my tasks.

This makes me feel like I am progressing. 

And this can stand for training, riding, running or business.

If you tick off the jobs and goals you want to achieve you will always be able to monitor and check your progress. This sense of achievement inspires greater challenges, continued development and makes you more inclined to break out of comfort zones.

Adding to one thing: A sense of achievement.

When it comes to progress and self development, you have to know exactly where you want to be, and what needs to be done to get there.

Having a plan allows you to see this. It is in front of you, a physical example of the things you must do to achieve a short, medium or long term goal.

I hope this blog has given you a few insights into why you need to have a plan. If you do feel like you could do with a hand at making one, as it can be daunting at first then                      and get in touch with me. I would love to help you.

Have a great day.


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