When it comes to this time of year, it can be very easy to lose motivation. The people around you start to hit the easy button, and food becomes more prominent in our life. It can be tricky, but it can also be avoided!

So with that being said I want to give you three top tips for Christmas motivation. Let’s get into it:


1: What are your goals?

Think deep about what your goals are and remember. As I say on the regular, your goals will change as your progress through your year. And there is nothing wrong with that. This year has been topsy turvey to say the least. Meaning your goals will have changed tenfold whether you have done this subconsciously or made the effort. If you are struggling with your motivation, I would definitely take the time to sit back, relax and think about the goals you have.

Do you put them in a book? So you can see them.

Do you think that they are achievable at this moment in time? I want to podium and win at least one race next year. But at the minute, without having a bike and no timescale on when I will there is no way I will realistically be in with a chance of doing this in XC mountain biking. So, I need to create new goals.

Do they reflect the sacrifices you are willing to make? There is no point wanting to have shredded abs and look like you have the physique of a god if you aren’t willing to make a sacrifice.

Reflect on your goals and remember. You are responsible for achieving them, no one else. So, if people in the workplace are going into easy mode, let them. It is not their fault that you are doing the same. It is your responsibility to change that mindset.

2: Ask questions of yourself:

Asking questions of yourself is so important in the quest for self-development. If you don’t ask these questions and show yourself a little honesty, then how do you expect to develop?

As an example: I always ask questions of myself if I am not achieving something I want.

If I am unhappy with how I look, am I eating or training in a way that reflects my physique and how I want it to look?

If I feel like business is stagnating. Am I writing emails, blogs, working on helping people and creating exposure for myself?

If the answer to these questions is no, I am not doing enough then I need to sort myself out.

However, if I do not ask the questions then I do not get the answers. And ultimately do not develop in the areas I want to develop.

I want you to repeatedly ask questions of yourself and check in with yourself. Make yourself accountable to yourself as well as your coach and you will begin to align your actions and your goals again.

Ask questions of yourself and do not be afraid to be brutally honest.

3: Remember the motivational methods you use:

The final tip here is very personal. As different things work for different people and motivation comes in so many forms. What I would say however, is try not to use social media and comparing yourself with other people. We all know about the crap social media throws out and how it paints these perfect lives that people lead. So don’t use that.

What I will say though, is if you want to use an Instagram profile for, then feel free as long as you are using yourself as your own motivation. What I have done next is highlighted the things that work for me, to get me back out of the slump:

1: Podcasts: Podcasts are amazing for me, as they come in all shapes and sizes. If I only have a few minutes I can listen to a short and sweet podcast, if I have plenty of time or a long drive, I will pop a longer one on. I usually listen to these in the car as I find it so much more productive than listening to mindless music.

2: Reading: Reading books is another way I like to find motivation. Either educational books, or biographies from people I look up to, athletes, actors or business people. I commit to doing at least half an hour of this, maybe more if something really draws me in.


These two methods regularly get me inspired to either work harder on my business, life or training and give me the kick up the backside that I need.
Every day I commit myself to at least half an hour of learning from one of these two forms. This is a commitment to myself that I do not break!!!!


So, I want you to commit yourself to something that helps you stay motivated through the Christmas period. And I want you to email me, and tell me what this is!

I hope you enjoyed the article.

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